Ein Weihnachtsgedicht

Manche holen sich a T?nnchen,
when this brennt, they cry "Attention".
Rufen for the Feuerwehr:
"Please come quick to l?schen her!"
Goes the T?nnchen of in Rauch,
they are standing on the Schlauch.

In the kitchen of the house
mother makes the Christmasschmaus.
She is working, schufting, bakes
hit is now her Yoghurtkeks.
And the Opa says als Tester:
"We are killed bis to Silvester".
Then he fills the last Glas wine -
yes, this is the christmastime!

Day by day does so vergang,
and the holy night does come.
You can think, you can remember,
this is immer in Dezember.
Then the childrenlein are coming
candle-Wachs is abw?rts running.
Bing of Crosby Christmas sings
while the Towerglocke rings
and the angels look so fine -
well this is the Weihnachtstime.

Baby-eyes are big and rund,
the familiy feels kerngesund
when unterm Weihnachtsbaum are hocking
then nothing can them ever shocking.
They are so happy, are so fine -
this happens in the Chistmastime!

The animals all in the house,
the Hund, the Katz, the bird, the mouse,
are turning round the Weihnachtsstress,
enjoy this day as never nie,
well they find Kittekat and Chappi
in the Geschenkkarton von Pappi.
The familiy begins to sing
and wieder does a Gl?ckchen ring.
Zum Song vom gr?nen Tannenbaum
the Tr?nen rennen down and down.
Bis our mother pl?tzlich flennt:
"The christmas-Gans im Ofen brennt!"
Her nose indeed is very fine
Ende of the Weihnachtstime.

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